This flat pack store is a secure outdoor metal container and is popular for site storage, garden storage and for schools, clubs & community storage needs.

It is light enough to be man handled and the components are small enough to fit through small passageways. No need for cranes, forklifts or specialist tools. Just a socket set – and you’re away!

Once erected, it can be lifted from its lifting eyes with a cargo on board. This 2m Flat Packed Store can be linked to another of our Flat Packed Store units to form large open plan areas of storage space as required (side by side and end to end).


  • Fully galvanised body
  • Less storage space when not in use
  • Simple assembly
  • Fully expandable (modular) capability
  • Low cost

The newly improved flat packed store now comes with a double locking system for additional security at no extra cost.


External Length (m) 2.02
External Width (m) 2.14
External Height (m) 2.09
Internal Length (m) 1.90
Internal Width (m) 2.07
Internal Height (m) 2.00
Door Width (m) 1.25
Door Height (m) 1.80
Max Weight Floor can Withstand (kg) 1000, spread evenly across the floor
Weight (Flatpacked) (kg) 271
Weight Heaviest Part (when Demounted) (kg) 88
Floor Type 15mm OSB Board
Internal Floor Covering OSB Board
Internal Wall Covering Galvanised Steel
Height (Flatpacked) (mm) 300
Length (Flatpacked) (m) 2.02
Width (Flatpacked) (m) 2.14
Steel Gauge (mm) 0.72


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