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The 16ft wheeled mobile canteen unit, is ideal for the provision of basic welfare facilities on contracts where operatives are constantly on the move or for sites where conventional lorries are too high, heavy or long to access site for delivery of a standard cabin.
The 16ft mobile canteen has a single axle making it easy to move around site, it requires connection to both water and electricity supply, which can be mains or generator originated.
The all steel secure shutters and the steel door system ensure protection from would-be thieves and vandals.
Typical Applications

Motorway maintenance (highway facility)
Mobile police incident units
Mobile healthcare units
Canteen facilities
Towable Site Welfare Cabins


Freedom of movement on any site
Reduced cost of moving around site
Ideal for short term site works on the move

This is an all steel secure wheeled canteen unit. Normally delivered and offloaded by lorry then towed around on site (by van, 4×4 or dumper) and levelled using the four corner legs. These anti-vandal units are used by utilities contractors, construction companies, groundwork contractors, ministry of defence and police forces.
This 16ft mobile steel canteen is available for sale throughout the UK.


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