The 6m XL flat pack end to end bundle is a unique product, and provides all the components to create large work or storage areas at a fraction of other building costs. Amazingly the physical size of this unit is close to a 40ft container, but it still retains many of the benefits of a flat pack construction.

The bundle comprises:

2no 6m XL stores
1no 6m end linking kit

Erection of the end linked 6m XL bundle does require a more skilled team than the standard range of flat pack stores, this is mainly due to the larger and heavier parts necessitating access to some lifting equipment to move the parts and to assist with erection and linking of the building (this could be a suitable forklift, telescopic handler, crane, overhead gantry). Parts others than the floor and roof can still be moved by hand if necessary, but typically require 4-6 people and a risk assessment to do so.

The need for mechanised lifting does not limit the unique benefits of the Portable Space flat pack range, its still possible to locate the 6m XL end linked bundle in places that a normal HIAB equipped vehicle could not deliver. For example on construction sites or playing fields the component parts can easily be moved with an all terrain forklift, telehandler or small flat bed truck across fields and tracks that would make it either impossible or exceptionally expensive for delivery of a standard container.

The end linked set up gives you the opportunity to store long lengths of materials or equipment in places you could probably not normally locate a container. Popular uses include, rowing clubs, canoe clubs, football and rugby clubs for storage of goal posts, athletics clubs as well as on-site storage for factories, warehouses and construction sites for especially longer lengths of steel, pipe or electrical conduit.

Please note the end linked bundle cannot be lifted from above or below once joined, the linking kit is not designed for this and in any case it would be physically to large to lift. Linking can only take place in one direction (side by side or end on end) in one building. Unlimited, additional end linked 6m XL stores can however be added to this product as required, you will have the opportunity to add these and the linking kits when you add the product to your basket.

If you need a 6m store and you either do not have access to suitable lifting equipment or you need to move all parts by hand then please take a look at 4m end linked store bundle (QF978) which is the largest person portable end linked bundle we offer, comprising 2 or more 4m storage containers linked end to end.

Please download the drawings from the download section to check sizes or if you need help and advice to choose the right product for your task, please call and ask for Flat Pack Sales, or send an email

This store is available for sale and delivery throughout the UK. Buy online now!

Note: shelving is not included with this product, but can be easily fitted. Choose from our range of shelving bundles available at checkout. The extendable ramp is available as an additional purchase.


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