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The large 6.5m flat pack office is now available in a powder coated moss green (RAL 6005). It is available for sale / delivery throughout the UK.
The unit has a guttered roof and features two double glazed u-PVC windows fitted as standard. The interior of the insulated office cabin is pleasantly light and airy with a durable and smart wall finish – suitable for surface mounted electrics.
This is the only 20ft cabin on the market that is completely man-portable.
Large Flat Pack Office Cabin Features

Size: 6.5m x 2.3m
DIY assembly
No cranes necessary
No specialist tools required to build
Fast assembly time
Robust but lightweight construction
Ideal for inaccessible areas
Can be linked together to form larger spaces
Fully insulated
Galvanized steel construction
Vinyl floor covering
2 x double glazed windows
Electric pack available
Window guards available
Colour: Green (RAL6005)



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