Product Details

The 6m XL flat pack side by side bundle is a unique product, and provides all the components to create large work or storage areas at a fraction of other building costs.
The bundle comprises:

2no 6m XL stores
1no 6m side linking kit

Due to the size of our 6m XL store, they do take a little more planning and person-power to build, although the method is very similar to our 2m, 3m and 4m flat pack store options. We recommend a team of around 6-8 people for placing the roof section.
The 6m XL flat pack store is a great alternative to a traditional 20ft shipping container, designed specifically to achieve the same space and made of galvanised steel rather than corten steel. They offer a cost-effective solution to the more expensive shipping container, but with the added benefits and flexibility of our flat pack storage range.
These units are a great solution to the challenge of tight or restricted site access, underground car parks, or residential properties. The XL badge means it’s taller and wider than the standard flat pack store range.
Our 6m XL stores are usually delivered by HIAB in flat pack form, but we also offer a delivery and installation service, but this is priced separately and will require a site survey beforehand.
The side linked set-up gives you the opportunity to create your own fulfilment warehouse for your online business on your doorstep -a mini-warehouse for a fraction of the cost of almost any other option.
Please note the linked bundle cannot be lifted from above or below once joined, as the linking kit is not designed for this and in any case, it would be physically too large to lift. Linking can only take place in one direction (side by side or end on end) in one building. Unlimited, additional side linked 6m XL stores can however be added to this product as required. The 6mXL store is not compatible to be linked with the smaller-sized flatpack range.
Please download the drawings from the download section to check sizes or if you need help and advice to choose the right product for your task, please contact us.


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